Guidelines for a Respectful Salon Experience

Visiting a salon, should be a pleasant and respectful experience for both clients and staff. Here are some important salon etiquette tips to keep in mind.


Arrival Time

Please arrive on time for your appointment.

Punctuality is key to maintaining the salon’s schedule and ensuring a positive experience for everyone; this ensures you will get to indulge in all the salon has to offer.


Rescheduling or Cancelling

If you need to change your appointment, provide as much notice as possible 24 hours’ notice you won’t be charged the $50 fee.

This allows the salon to accommodate other clients or adjust their schedule. And to ensure we can get you booked back in as soon as possible.


Booking Deposit

Booking deposits are $100 for hair extension appointments and any appointment that is expected to be over 2 hours.

All other services are a $50 booking deposit. Both are refundable on the completion of your appointment.


Clear Expectations

Clearly convey your preferences and what you’re looking for to the salon Team. Bring pictures or descriptions if necessary to show case your inspiration.


Professional Input

Listen to the professional’s advice and recommendations.

They have expertise in their field and can help you achieve the best results.



Arrive with clean hair, as appropriate for the service.

Please give the team notice if you need additional time to have your hair prepared prior to your booked appointment.


Preparing for Services

For some treatments, you may receive specific instructions from Carti hair & co, if not clear please ensure you call one of our highly trained customer service team members.

Respect the Salon Environment

Keep conversations at a reasonable volume to maintain a peaceful atmosphere for all clients.


Ensure that children accompanying you are well-behaved and not disruptive to other clients. We have a small boutique environment.



Please don’t bring additional guests, be mindful of the salon’s space limitations, we have created a boutique salon just for you.


Trust the Professionals

If the salon staff provides aftercare instructions or guidance, be sure to follow them to maintain your results and the health of your hair and quality of your final service.

Express Gratitude

Show your appreciation by saying thanks to your stylist.

Expressing gratitude goes a long way in recognizing their expertise and effort.