How To Build A Travel-Friendly Haircare Routine

We put a great deal of time and effort into curating the perfect vacation outfits — editing and re-editing a wardrobe that takes up precious suitcase space. But what good is the perfect vacation outfit without the hair to match? Heading to the coasts of Corsica or the mountaintops of Switzerland could require separate but equally effective hair care choices. Looking to build a capsule collection of products that can effectively be used anywhere in the world? Start here.

Travel-Friendly Haircare 101

Start In The Salon

After booking tickets and hotels are reserved, schedule an appointment with your stylist, stat! Before leaving for a vacation get that trim, gloss that hair, and get a fabulous blow-dry to get your trip started on the right foot. The benefits of a fresh haircut are apparent, but GLOSS appointments are now becoming a styling ritual.

Begin With Basics

Like the perfect white button-down and a classic pair of jeans, building your hair care regimen should always begin with a few of the favourites — a detoxifying shampoo and a hydrating conditioner. While bringing an additional shampoo formula on vacation might feel a little extra, your hair will thank you for it. Salt, sun, and a change in water can quickly dull and dry out strands leading to lacklustre colour and frizz-prone styles. 

  1. Pick from MAXI.WASH or the SCALP.SPA regimen if you’re feeling fancy. These products help build a clean, refreshed palette to start with. Then, follow with your regular WASH. 
  2. From here, a hydrating, targeted conditioner is a must. Those with colour-treated hair should rely on EVERLASTING.COLOUR RINSE to repair and elongate their shades or grab HYDRATE-ME.RINSE for moisture or REPAIR-ME.RINSE if strands require some serious T.L.C. 

Build Your Base

Once hair is cleansed and conditioned, it’s all about that base! To save space, you’ll want to concentrate on a single multi-purpose styler — something that can treat the hair and act as a helpful step in your styling routine. A leave-in treatment is an ideal base no matter your hair type, style, or the environment. With a wide range of leave-ins, pick from ask your stylist in salon for the best recommendation for you.