Want to go lighter without damaging your hair?
*Can also be used without colour service.

Olaplex #1 & #2

#1 is added into your colour or directly to the hair to protect your hair while your colour is developing and then Olaplex #2 is applied as an in-salon treatment at the basin and left on for 10 minutes rebuilding and multiplying the bonds – $90

Olaplex #3

#3 is our take home option for that hair that needs special care. Treat your hair once a week for ultimate results.
For your own bottle – $49

Olaplex #4 & #5

#4 & #5 is the Shampoo and Conditioner designed for rebuilding and multiplying the bonds inside the hair – $49
Take home Olpalex steps #3,4 & 5 can be purchased together for $125